The Almighty Dollar

Restoring some fiscal sanity in our -- negative savings rate -- lives


Intro to my financial history

I just came across a personal finance blog, Make Love Not Debt, a newly-engaged couple's chronicle about liberating themselves from a 6-figure debt. They've openly admitted past money mistakes and vowed to correct them. But they are about to face the ultimate test -- how to have a beautiful wedding without going deeper into the red.

What they are doing is commendable, and I hope their blog will hold them accountable for future slip-ups. Because there will be slip-ups. Lots of them. There are kinder, softer ways of saying this, but from personal experience, I must tell you: it's going to be a long, hard slog.

Their blog made me realize that I have yet to share with you my financial journey. It is a story also encompassing massive debt, shopping sprees, credit counseling, auto purchases, eviction, and yes, the unspeakable -- bankruptcy. Thankfully, this didn't all happen to me. But it did to my loved ones, thus resulting in great physical and emotional involvement on my part, as well as consultation, on a daily basis.

In my next posts, I will provide some lessons learned from these challenges with a bit of humor and probably a little bitterness. Please bear with me, because they don't all come wrapped in pretty packages with bows on top.