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Admiration for young parents

Tonight after work, I'm heading over to our friends' house to babysit their two young children for the evening. Honestly, they never would have asked me if their normal babysitter hadn't cancelled at the last minute. I admit, I'm hopeless with kids and never know what to say or do around them! It just doesn't come naturally to me. Anyway, their kids are sweet, so I was happy to do it.

This gesture will also save my friends a bundle of money, since they normally have to dish out $75 for a babysitter before spending anything else for the night. I am amazed and always wonder how young parents do it. It makes me appreciate how my husband and I can go out to a restaurant for dinner on a whim, not have to make arrangements beforehand, without starting out the night in the hole.

A few weeks ago we invited these friends over to our house for a drink and then dinner at a nearby place. The dinner was reasonably priced, but with drinks and tip, it came out to atleast $75 per couple. But for our friends, the night was more even more expensive. They had to pay that amount just to leave the house for a few hours, plus the added cost of entertainment.

They tell me it's worth it, just so they can have a life and feel like adults once in a while. If I were in their situation, I'm sure I would do the same.