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Not all bbq grills are created equal

In anticipation of hosting guests at the end of this month, my brother had mentioned wanting to buy a new lawnmower and grill. Since they are arriving this weekend, I asked if he had bought them yet. While he still plans to get the lawnmower, he has decided to wait on the grill until next summer.

I should tell you now -- grills are a sore spot for me. My condo is on the first floor and has a beautiful, private patio perfect for outdoor dining and relaxing. Gas grills were permitted when we moved in, and we immediately got one. For a year, we savored many grilled chicken breasts and kabobs by candlelight. But, unexpectedly, the association switched to a new master insurance plan that prohibited grilling of any kind at some distance from the building. (Apparently, this is a DC law but no one complies!) So we were forced to get rid of the grill and miss it terribly.

My brother doesn't have these restrictions and certainly has the space for it. He and his fiance bought a new home last winter. They chose to forego a patio, because they planned to build a backyard deck. This project has been slated for next year.

He told me that the grill he wants is very expensive, so he doesn't want to spend the money on it now. Instead, he plans to buy it next year after they've built the deck. Since I'm in grill-denial, it seems silly to waste two summers without bbq just so he can have an ultra-lux, stainless-steel, triple-burner grill (an assumption, but knowing my brother, I'm probably right).

I said, who cares what it looks like, as long as it grills well? He said, looks matter.

Yes, you read that correctly, and we weren't talking about Dolce & Gabbana jeans. For god's sake, it's a grill.